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Modern Furniture for contemporary schools.

With all the new and very contemporary schools that are being built all around the local areas it is great time to mention that we hold a great range of modern furniture that would be ideal to kit out the class rooms. Our stock ranges from Gliss chairs and very simple fordable Exam Desks that take up a lot [...]

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Spring time is on it way!!

Spring time. Its time to start looking at your outdoor seating arrangement; spring time  is well on its way. And  i  think i can vouch for a lot of you out there that we deserve a good one, so its time to scrub down the patios and re stain the decking and to  choose your new tables and [...]

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Tub chairs are popular and fashionable. They have lower-than-normal back and arm rests, and they are simple yet elegant. As they take up less space than a conventional armchair, they can be used in varied project layouts. We supply Tub chairs in different styles, colors and materials. This variasion in materials such as plastic, metal and leather, results in [...]

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Lindsay Lohan loves bunny chairs!

A bunny chair is one of those types of seating devices you love or you hate but here we can see celebrity star lindsay lohan loving the bunny chair. Bunny Chairs can really brighten up a dull looking restaurant, line up all the chairs together – is this called a bunny chair warren!! Made from [...]

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Contract Furniture designed for restaurants

Here at pioneer we pride ourselves on our custom built furniture, we can design, manufacture and deliver large quantities of custom built contract furniture for all your restauranting needs, are you… Designing a new restaurant Refitting an existing restaurant Looking to source restaurant furniture Planning a restaurant design Replacing your existing restaurant furniture If any [...]

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